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Articles soumis, acceptés ou sous presse

  • Magnan, G. and Garneau, M. (Sous presse).
    Climatic and autogenic control on Holocene carbon sequestration in ombrotrophic peatlands of maritime Quebec, eastern Canada.
    The Holocene, DOI: 10.1177/0959683614540727.
  • Tougas-Lemay, M., de Vernal, A. and Garneau, M. (Accepté).
    Climate changes along the North shore of the Gulf and Estuary of St. Lawrence during the Holocene: linkages between sea-surface conditions and peatland dynamics
    (The Holocene)
  • Thibault, A., Garneau, M., and Magnan, G. (Soumis).
    Mid-Holocene pool development in maritime ombrotrophic peatlands along the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence, eastern Canada (Quebec).
    (Review of Paleobotany and Palynology)

Articles en préparation

  • Barnett, R., Garneau, M., and Bernatchez, P. (In prep).
    The utility of salt marsh and coastal proxies from the Magdalen Islands for reconstructing past sea levels.
  • Barnett, R., Garneau, M., and Bernatchez, P. (In prep).
    Recent sea-level changes in the Gulf of St Lawrence and implications for low lying coastal communities.
  • Barnett, R., Garneau, M., Charman, D.J.,and Gehrels, W. R. (In prep).
    North Atlantic salt-marsh testate amoebae for high precision sea-level reconstructions.

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